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IGO Electric - Canadian Design

iGO Electric was founded in 2006, when an electric forklift resellers mechanical intrigue and his passion for cycling came together. On a buying trip overseas, two of iGO’s founders discovered one of the first electric scooters. Sixteen years later, iGO Electric is crewed by a dedicated team of designers, engineers and sales staff. Driven by decades worth of industry experience and customer feedback, the goal simple: creating the highest quality product at an affordable price. It’s a collaboration of passion and excellence that goes into every iGO ebike built since 2006.

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The Rosemont series offers more than just urban transportation; it's a lifestyle enhancement. Its streamlined frame design and robust hub-motor cater to city residents seeking to elevate their daily activities. Whether it's commuting, errands, or city exploration, the Rosemont series delivers effortless performance. Say farewell to traffic congestion and costly fuel expenses, and embrace a more active and environmentally conscious lifestyle. Enhance your journey and elevate your lifestyle with the Rosemont series. 

Rosemont LE, Rosemont LE1, Rosemont LS, Rosemont LS1

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Prepare to revolutionize your daily routine with the Yorkville series. These city eBikes are crafted to empower riders to embrace active transportation, making commutes effortless. Whether you're running errands, enjoying weekend rides, or seeking a cost-effective and eco-friendly means of transportation, the Yorkville series has you covered. Optimized for urban landscapes, it enables you to accomplish more, travel greater distances, and lead a more active lifestyle. Bid farewell to the daily grind and welcome the freedom and convenience of the Yorkville series.

Yorkville LE, Yorkville LE1, Yorkville LS, Yorkville LS1

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Escape the ordinary and dive into exciting escapades with the Cabot series. These dynamic and fully-equipped bikes are loaded with state-of-the-art technology and tailored for versatile terrain. Whether you're navigating city streets during your daily commute or exploring remote trails for miles on end, these electric trekking bikes are designed for adventure and poised to transport you there. Featuring a seamless pedal experience and nimble handling, you'll experience the sensation of riding a traditional bike, but with the added power and efficiency to conquer any landscape. Bid farewell to boundaries and greet boundless opportunities with the Cabot series.

Cabot RS, Cabot RS1

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Looking to elevate your mountain biking experience? Your search ends here! The Sawback series offers a range of powerful and versatile hardtail eBikes designed for aggressive trail riding. Whether you're tackling steep climbs or navigating rocky paths, Sawback bikes are up to the challenge. With a natural pedal feel that enhances your ride, you'll feel seamlessly connected to your bike as you venture into the outdoors. Embark on new adventures and discover endless possibilities with the Sawback series.

Sawback RS, Sawback RS1

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 Prepare yourself for conquering diverse terrains and pushing your limits with the Torngat series of mid-motor fat eBikes. Engineered for off-road adventures, these bikes feature wide 4.8" fat tires capable of traversing various landscapes, including dirt, mud, snow, and sand. Whether you seek rugged trails or sandy shores, the Torngat series is up to the challenge. Designed to foster off-road exploration, these fat tire electric bikes deliver a natural and engaging riding experience, empowering riders with a sense of strength and control. Embrace the outdoors with the versatile Torngat series and elevate your riding adventures.

Torgnat RS, Torgnat RS1

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Multipurpose all weather powerful electric folding fat tire bike. The Royal UF will take you from the forest, through the trees, to the office, golf course, and still do the shopping. With its lightweight step-through frame, The Royal UF will take you anywhere in style. The frame folds in half, and the handlebar folds down for easy stowage so it can fit into a standard car trunk or RV. What are you waiting for? Let the adventure begin!

The Royal UF

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