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Kona Bikes - For Freedom and Empowerment

Since their establishment in 1988, Kona Bikes has remained true to its roots with the same dedicated owners steering the brand forward. With a rich history spanning over three decades, they continue to uphold commitment to crafting high-quality bicycles that inspire adventure and push boundaries. Explore the range of innovative and reliable bikes designed to tackle any terrain, and join us in our passion for cycling excellence.

Read on to explore Kona Bikes by category.


Since Kona made its mark on the mountain bike scene, the brand has continuously refined its off-road machines, crafting high-performance bikes celebrated for their responsive handling, impressive capability, and sheer enjoyment. Offering a diverse fleet to cater to various riding styles, there's undoubtedly a Kona bike perfectly suited to your off-road adventures.


Kona mountain bikes have something for every adventurer. For those looking to conquer big all-mountain rides and even bigger descents, the Process X CR and Process X CR DL are the ultimate weapons. The Process 153s maintain their status as the most-desired quiver killer/do-it-all bikes, while the Process 134s continue to reign supreme as the most well-loved trail machines. The Hei Heis are back and ready to smash vert records. 

Kona Hei Hei: short travel trail and XC bike

Kona Process: all around, ride-anything MTB

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For hardtails the Honzo ESD leaves nothing to be desired for the hardcore steel fans, while the Unit and Unit X are ready for those multi-week monster bikepacking epics. Whether you’re looking for an entry-level hardtail, an XC race machine, a comfortable bikepacking rig, your dream enduro bike, or a fat bike, we’ve got you covered.

Kona Honzo: the original aggressive trail hardtail

Kona Unit: a bikepacker's dream bike

Kona Mahuna: 29" wheels & 100mm travel

Kona Cinder Cone: 27.5" wheels & 100mm fork

Kona Lava Dome: entry level 29er MTB

Kona Fire Mountain: entry level 27.5" MTB

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    The world of fat bikes is unlike any other. In fact, they have their own motto: Yes You Can. Yes, you can roll over that sandy section. Yes, you can plow through that rock garden. And you can do it while carrying a ton of gear on the Woo or Wo with their ultra-fat 4.8” tires. Fat bikes have taken people across deserts, the arctic, and through every type of tricky terrain possible. They're like the Top Gear terrain champions of bikes. So, where will yours take you?

    Kona Wo: a budget friendly fat bike

    Kona Woo: a performance focused fat bike

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      As Kona aptly puts it, "Not every road is made equal." Understanding that beloved routes aren't always flawless, they engineer their bikes tailored for enduring long-distance rides across various surfaces—be it pavement, cobbles, gravel, or dirt. Wherever your journey takes you, rest assured aboard your Kona ride, navigating the landscape with confidence akin to piloting a spaceship.


      Kona's all-road and cyclocross bikes bring pace and handling when the going gets tougher.

      Kona Rove: the perfect all around gravel and adventure bike

      Kona Libre: a performance minded gravel bike

      Kona Jake: a fun and fast cyclocross bike or drop bar commuter

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      Kona touring bikes are perfect for the days when you feel like quitting your job and riding across a continent.

      Kona Sutra: an adventure machine for hauling gear and exploring

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      The majority of our initial bicycles fall under what Kona refers to as "everyday bikes"—comfortable, highly functional, and essentially covering all essential cycling needs. Their range of hybrid, fitness, and commuter bikes democratizes performance, reliability, and affordability, fostering increased bicycle usage among the masses, which undoubtedly benefits all.


      We’ve been making utilitarian urban commuters for as long as we can remember. Our goal is to make bikes that are durable, efficient, and most of all-fun! The family of Dew bikes strikes a perfect balance between urban warrior and comfort. This year the Dr Dew features a gorgeous Cromoly steel frame sure to help smooth out any ride. The Dew Deluxe, Dew Plus, and Dew return with powerful disc brakes, puncture-resistant tires, and all the amenities needed to have a safe commute. The always-stylish Coco is back and ready to cruise the streets like a Parisian bombshell. Rounding out our urban squad is the steed that could win the award for most dependable: the Splice. Part commuter, part gravel path cruiser, it’s always a full-time good time.

      Kona Dew: the perfect comfortable and capable commuter bike

      Kona Coco: stylish commuter for cruising around town

      Kona Splice: versatile hybrid with front suspension and knobby tires

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      The bicycle holds unparalleled allure for children—it epitomizes freedom and enjoyment, laying the foundation for a lifelong love of cycling. Kona crafts excellent bikes designed for children to learn, explore, and experience the pure joy of riding. These bicycles prioritize safety, durability, and resilience, built to withstand the inevitable wear and tear of youthful ownership.



      Close your eyes and take a step back into your childhood. You and your friends used to race around the neighborhood with skinned knees and rattly little bikes. The world was YOURS and the bike was your vehicle to freedom. Our kids’ bikes are made for your growing groms to ensure that as they start to gain more control over their riding, they have a bike that can take them to their favorite trails, whether that’s the homemade backyard pumptrack, the neighborhood singletrack, or their first foray into the bike park. They’re durable, spec’d with kid-friendly components and ready to rip!

      Kona Process 24: full suspension kids bike for your riders serious about trail riding

      Kona Honzo 24 & 20: trail ready hardtail for budding mountain bikers

      Kona Hula: rigid 24" MTB that's great for kids woh love to ride on dirt

      Kona Makena: rigid 20" MTB that makes off road riding safe and fun

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      Kona electric bikes are all about making the miles a little easier so you can ride farther and faster than ever. Oh, and have a lot more more fun! If you're a commuter, you'll love being able to get to work faster and without sweating up a storm. If you ride trails you'll be stoke on how much more you can climb and how long you can make your loops.



      The future is now. Electric bikes are taking the world by storm, and we have something for every kind of rider whether you’re a hardcore freerider or just dabbling on the backyard dirt paths. From the Remote 160 all the way to the El Kahuna there’s an e-MTB that suits your needs. Climb bigger mountains, ride longer, faster, and do more laps than ever before. We promise you’ll be smiling the whole time. This is a whole different level of entertainment. Whether you’re looking to do more epics or are someone that’s short on time, an e-MTB opens up a ton of doors. The only question that remains is where will your e-MTB take you?

      Kona Remote: a trail focused eMTB with hardtail and full suspension models

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      We’re proud to have a wide array of electric bikes that allow you to cruise up the steepest hills, tow your kids or your dog, haul your groceries, or halve your commute time. The addition of our Hub Drive bikes brings the same e-bike fun while sticking to a budget-friendly ethos. On the gravel side, our Libre EL keeps the adventure spirit alive by allowing you to go deeper into the backwoods than ever before. So, whether you’re secretly smirking as you pass by those stuck in traffic or discovering a new mountain top, we’re confident you’ll end your ride with a big old smile across your face

      Kona Dew-E & Dew HD: a utilitarian commuter ebike with all the bells and whistles

      Kona ECoco & Coco HD: a stylish electric city bike with a step through frame

      Kona Libre EL: a performance focused electric road and gravel bike

      Kona Rove HD: a budget friendly electric road and gravel bike

      Kona El Kahuna: a hardtail eMTB for exploring off road

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      Kona parts and accessories, meticulously curated to elevate your cycling experience. From sleek handlebar grips to high-performance pedals, each product embodies Kona's commitment to quality and innovation. Whether you're seeking to enhance your bike's performance or customize its aesthetic, Kona's selection offers everything you need to ride in style and confidence. Dive into our selection and discover the perfect components to unlock your bike's full potential.


      Key Grips: single lock-on grip with closed ended design. 

      Wah Wah II Pedals: fully serviceable, rugged and reliable flat pedal. 

      Jackshit II Pedals: composite pedal body is lightweight and durable. 

      Folding Multi-Tool:  great tool to carry on rides, have in your shop, or another creative way to open a beer. 

      Dazzle MTB Fender: this burly fender keeps dirt, mud, and grime out of your face and fork seals.

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